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Roland (Boss) DR-880 DVD Video Tutorial Demo Review Help

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SEE ADDITIONAL HI-DEF VIDEO at David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way.Here's a complete listing of the subjects that are covered...0:01:00 INTRODUCTION0:01:50 Front Panel Overview0:02:45 Rear Panel0:04:00 Getting to the Home screen0:05:00 Playing the Demo0:05:30 Using the Pads0:07:40 Patterns vs. Songs0:08:50 Selecting Patterns0:12:15 EZ COMPOSE0:12:50 Creating a Pattern0:15:50 Chord Progression0:11:20 Fill Ins0:21:20 Writing your Pattern0:22:30 Groove Modify0:26:25 Shortcut for Writing Data0:27:25 PATTERNS0:28:00 Adjusting Tempo0:29:05 Changing the Key0:29:25 Changing Drum Kits0:30:10 TSC (Total Sound Control)0:31:45 Creating a Pattern0:32:50 Realtime Recording0:34:10 Erasing "on the fly"0:36:05 Step Recording0:44:30 Using Groove Modify0:46:50 Adding a Bass line0:48:45 Pitch Bend0:50:00 Chord Progressions0:56:15 Drum Fills0:57:05 Edits0:57:20 ...Copy0:59:30 ...Insert1:00:00 ...Erase1:00:35 ...Delete1:04:15 SONGS1:05:15 Creating a Song1:06:30 Inserting/Deleting Steps1:08:10 Song Edit1:11:45 DRUM KITS1:12:15 Selecting Kits1:12:45 Assigning Drum Sounds1:14:00 Level/Pan1:14:05 Output assignments1:16:15 Mute Groups1:17:50 Tuning Drum sounds1:19:15 EQ1:21:55 Compression1:23:20 Tweaking the Bass part1:26:30 Bass Amp models1:27:05 Storing Kits1:28:15 TSC Total Sound Control1:32:15 GUITAR EFFECTS1:32:45 Selecting Effects1:33:50 Editing Effects1:36:15 Storing Effects1:38:25 FAVORITES1:42:40 USING MIDI and USB1:43:10 MIDI Settings1:46:30 Sync modes1:48:30 Bulk Dumps/Restores1:50:10 USB Functions1:55:35 MISCELLANEOUS SCREENS2:00:05 GRADUATION!

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