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Nepali censor board certified a Nepali movie PalPalma Adult Certification for first time
nepali movie PalPalma

Nepali movies has not been recognized anywhere else than Nepal. Recently, Censor Board Nepal certified a Nepali movie titled Palpalma, an adult oriented and only people above 16 years old would watch it. But there is no any investigators in Nepali Movies. This is why this certification is prove to be useless.

"PalPal Ma" directed by Ukesh Dahal who have completed course in Film and Motion Pictures Studies is the most bold movie ever made in Nepali movie world, Kollywood. This movie is based on changing lifestyle in present world specially wifes of Lahures (armies who goes abroad) where love is getting limited to physical and sexual attraction other than spiritual bounds. Palpalma is the first Nepali movie ever wriiten on sexual relationship with the moral "though physical and sexual relations are necessary, the most important part of love is the spiritual aspect”.

nepali movie PalPalma

The movie is certified for lots of bold scenes including bed scenes, excessive kisses and skimpy cloths of 3 main actresses Sujata Sitaula, Rubi Rana and Usha Poudel . Ramit Dhungana and Dilip Rayamajhi acted supporting the bold actresses in the movie. However this movie don't have any full nudity.

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This movie was shown in Hongkong before going to Nepal Censor board. Nepali community in Hongkong liked the movie.

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