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Mumta Kulkarni's hot movie Khajuraho (Devine Temple -a tale of love) 2002 Dvdrip
Mumta Kulkarni's hot movie Khajuraho

Bollywood actress Mumta Kulkarni, the sexy actress who has been more in news and controversies in her film career for her provocative dress, hot topless photo-shoots and sexy movies. Khajuraho is yet another sexy movie of Mumta Kulkarni which is based on Kama Sutra. Mamta Kulkarni, Saadhika, Vishal, Mink played the main characters in the film. Khajuraho is directed by ashok Kumar ISC.

Download Mumta Kulkarni's hot movie Khajuraho (Devine Temple -a tale of love) 2002 Dvdrip

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one of hottest film by her

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