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Watch Meher Malik- Belly dance in India's Got Talent

Meher Malik, one of the contestant in India's Got Talent,the indian version of Britain's Got Talent, rocked the show with her talent as a belly dancer. I have never seen such an electrifying performance. Her toned belly and whole body and her beautiful face all just made her special in this show.

Meher Malik was born in India then she moved out to Egypt with her whole family where she learnt Belly dance which typical Egypt classical dance.She stayed there for 17 years and now she is back in India again from Middle East.

According to her, Egyptian women gives this talent inherent to thier daughter so that it could prepare the womb for giving birth, when pregnant.

Watch Meher malik's Belly dance from India's Got Talent

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2 vaidyadm  
its sad she was not selected for final i think she is extremly talented

3 Vandalism  
You should have voted her alot. Yeah too bad..e can't see her perform again in final.

1 Vandalism  
Meher is better than Sophie Mei - Belly Dancer - Britains Got Talent

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