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Whether you are a WordPress enthusiast or not but who wants to develop and customize your own responsive WordPress theme, this book is for you. Some experience with WordPress, HTML, PHP, and CSS is expected and highly recommended.

WordPress Responsive Theme Design Essentials
  • Structured learning for new developers and technical consultants to enable you to build responsive WordPress themes
  • Concise and easy-to-follow walkthroughs of WordPress, PHP, and CSS code
  • Packed with examples and key tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls
  • Set up a proper local environment for the theme development on both Windows and Mac, while following the WordPress Codex
  • Create the WordPress menu and make it responsive
  • Customize post templates to match the theme design and functionality of the theme
  • Understand the overall template architecture and the purpose of the template file ... Read more to Download ยป
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Get into the Android application development using official Android IDE from Google, Android Studio with this fast track video tutorials. These tutorials cover everything you need to master Android development from the ground up although the tutorials are made short and simple. These videos cover only those things that a developer really needs to know. Why waste time with unnecessary things.

Android Studio Tutorials In 2 Minutes

Download Android development with Android Studio Tutorials In 2 Minutes

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