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download The Pink Panther 2

This Pink Panther 2 is a sequel of The Pink Panther(2006) which was actually a remake of The Pink Panther (1963). This time in The pink panther 2, along with Steve Martins who played as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, You could she the mistress from Bollywood big fame, and former Miss universe , Aishworya Rai playing role of Sonia Solandres.

Pink panther 2 snapshot

The movie is actually based on the theft of legendary artifacts including The Pink Panther diamond for the second time again.Chief Inspector Dreyfus unwillingly had to assign Inspector Clouseau who had been awarded ... Read more to Download »

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Johnny Mad Dog ( DVDRip XviD) -BDV-636115-BDV

Here is comment about Johnny Mad Dog from

What a gift (though a painful one) to have caught Johnny Mad Dog at a Melbourne Film Festival screening yesterday. The audience was left breathless by this confronting and brutal film. From the first frame, director Jean-Stephane Sauvaire's adaptation of Emmanuel Dongala's novel held the audience captive with its visceral depiction of the lives of two children (though it's sometimes hard to remember that's what they really are) caught up in the careless tornado of civil war.

Reminiscent in style and tone of Fernando Meirelles' Cidade de Deus (City ... Read more to Download »

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