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Vista Media Player for windows vista and windows Xp

vista media player is the lightest multimedia player for both windows vista and windows Xp. This vista media player has glass like interface that you can never experience so well in windows media player is very beautiful.

Since no installation is required, this vista player consumes less Memory too while operating.

Download Vista Media Player for windows vista,Windows 7 and windows Xp

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Sound Forge 9 is a music recording software that a recording needs as it contains a wide range of new features including multi-channel audio support, which allows users to edit, process, and record multi-channel audio files. The added features also include workflow enhancements such as drag-and-drop editing between channels, and new wet/dry mix and crossfade options for effects.

Additionally, Sound Forge 9 provides new tools for audio analysis including phase scopes, mono compatibility meters, and multi-channel-capable spectrum analysis. Other new features incl ... Read more to Download »

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