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Tere Mere Beech Main episode 1 Salman Khan and his mom

For the first time, the world witnesses, salman Khan appeared on television program with his mother Salma Khan on request of Farah Khan for her Tv show Tere Mere Beech Main. It seems like a great honour for salman Khan that on the first episode of her Tv show, Farah Khan invited him despiote the fact that Farah Khan is more close to Sharukh Khan.

This Tv show was great as this show uncovered some secrets of salman Khan's life and personal matters that were never talked before.

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Guitar Pro 5.2

Guitar pro is the most popular multi track guitar tablature software today. Almost all professional guitarists and musicians are using it now as Guitar Pro has been the best music software , specially guitar tab software after RSE, the realistic Sound Engine has been added which gives the midi a true sound of real music instruments.

Guitar Pro also supports Power tabs. It comes with built in digital guitar tuner and a metronome too. It also offers variety of options for creating a music sheet.Guitar pro is a compressive music player,music composing tool designed specially for guitar,piano and other stringed instrument but not limited to, as it can be used for drums and other percussion as well.

Guitar pro can be used to listen works of other musicians or arranging music or creating your own music. It can be used for as high as 250 instr ... Read more to Download »

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