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Spring into PHP 5 by Steven Holzner
Spring into PHP 5 by Steven Holzner

Spring into PHP 5 by Steven Holzner is must to have book if you are a php programmer or you are going to learn Php. This book is intended to develop real PHP skills onto your resume faster. With ozens of focused examples: tested for reliability, crafted for clarity, easy to adapt for your own projects, learning php 5 is so easy now.

Award-winning author Steven Holzner draws on his unparalleled experience teaching programming: No other PHP guide covers this much, this well, this quickly. Dig in, get started, get results — today!

  • All you need to succeed with PHP in Linux or Windows
  • Master core concepts: operators, flow control, strings, arrays, functions, and more
  • Learn essential web techniques: cookies, session management, automated email, FTP, and more
  • Use PHP 5's object model and object-oriented techniques
  • Efficiently handle text boxes, buttons, and other HTML controls
  • Create web forms, validate user input, and check browsers
  • Work with MySQL and other databases
  • Includes concise PHP 5 language and functional references!
  • Spring Into is a new series of fast-paced tutorials from Addison-Wesley. Each book in the series is designed to bring you up-to-speed quickly. Complex topics and technologies are reduced to their core components, and each component is treated with remarkable efficiency in one- or two-page spreads. Just the information you need to begin working...now! And because the books are example-rich and easy to navigate, you'll find that they make great on-the-job references after you've mastered the basics.

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