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Appress Beginning PHP and MySQL 3rd Edition

Most great programming books sway far more toward the realm of the practical
than of the academic.

Although I have no illusions regarding my place among the
great technical authors of our time, it is always my goal to write with this point in
mind, producing material that you can apply to your own situation. Given the size
of this book, it’s probably apparent that I attempted to squeeze out every last drop of such practicality from the subject matter. That said, if you’re interested in gaining
practical and comprehensive insight into the PHP programming language and MySQL
database server, and how these prominent technologies can be used together to create dynamic, database-driven Web applications, this book is for you.

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Adsense blackhat edition

Adsense [black hat edition] is an ebook published by Vince Tan who has mastered the art of monitizing websites with average of 5 figured monthly income only from Adsense. This ebook has everything related to google Adsense that is needed to earn alot only from adsense. You could be earning as high as 5 figure income or more.

Blackhatting the methods and techniques of monitising from adsense is explained in this book.This method is also considered by internet business industries and professionals.

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