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kites the film

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan forced and later paid the director Anurag Basu more money to sign up Barbara Mori from Brazil to act opposite him. You could watch the new trailors on Youtube and Tv shows on Bollywood now. The new trailor also have one big kissing scene while Barbara goes topless for the shoot. Yet another Topless scene for Bollywood is on your way now after the wait of more than 2 years.

Hrithik Roshan paid director to sign up Barbara Mori for Topless in Kites

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Kim Kardashain is not attending Bankers Casino on April 30

Famous celebrity and socialite, Kim Kardashain wrote recently on one of her official blog that the news of her attending Bankers Casino on April 30, 2010 is completely fake one. Its completely a publicity stunt from the organizer of that event and Dj Kane. Kim Kardashain has not decided yet wheither to sue Dj Kane and organizer of Bankers Casino on April 30 in 111 Monterey street, sallinas, California for using her name on publicity.

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