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Maya Bazin is Indian not Nepali Maya Bazin

Maya Bazin who was previously promoted in adult industry as Maya Bazin ,Deepshikha from Nepal, finally disclosed that she is an Indian in a new video interview of her. Everyone shocked but Nepalese didn't believe as she couldn't pronounce Nepali words in right way. She finally dared to give her real identity now. Actually above photo of Maya Bazin makes it feel she is an Indian and not a Nepali. She is looking as if she ... Read more »

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so called Nepali adult actress Maya Bazin is found to be an Indian

A month back in June 2010, Non Residencial Nepalies in US shocked with news about Maya Bazin who have been promoted as first Nepali actress in adult industry. After that It was first reviewed in Saptahik from Kantipur Publication in Nepali media. People made numerous searches on search engines like google, bing, yahoo to know about Maya Bazin. Later it was disclosed it was just a false ... Read more »

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