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apple Ipad tablet PC

The famous Mac computers manufacturer, apple announced yesterday to launch a new tablet Mac computers by March and April. While switching Tv channels, in one of the Indian news channel was reporting about the showcase of the new touchscreen device, Ipad at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Steve Jobs who is currently Apple's chief executive unveiled the tablet PC.

Aplle's tablet Ipad is a smartphone and notebook made into a single device. Apple Ipad is now the most revolutionary PC device with the most advance technology.

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Cds were replaced by Dvd disks and recently Dvds are getting replaced by Blue ray disks as portable media. By next 8 years even Blu ray disks will start getting replaced by Vod,Video on Demand services as dominant media provider.Research firm SNL Kagan predicted Blu-ray's dominance will be short-lived by 2017 in market of physical medias.

VOD services will possible get more popular choice improve in both technology and content over the next decade

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