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This year on 22 july 2009,wednesday we are going to admit a total solar eclipse which is longest in this century. The nest one will be after 113 years later which will be much longer than this one.

total Solar Eclipse on 22 july 2009

Above map of globe shows how the total solar eclipse this year will take place.

According to NASA,The total solar eclipse this year will begin from western shores of Surat, a small town in India. It will last for 6 and half a minute to the maximum. The solar eclipse then heads over toward Bhutan touching southern parts of Nepal and northern parts of Bangladesh then passing passes over the China ... Read more »

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Alaska Governor,Sarah Palin, the most beautiful and sexy political leader of America who was even seen as covergal for many fashion and glamour magazines like Vogue is recently in news for her resignment rumours. Many of us are surprised with yet to be disclosed sarh Palin corruption scandal.

The rumours is in air that Sarah palin was said to award Alaska building company, Spenard Building Supplies (SBS) a contract to build a Hockey Arena in Wasilla, AK, a $13 million Wasilla Sports Complex which is one of the most expensive building project in Wasilla history. and in return SBS will have to contruct her home ... Read more »

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