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Get into the Android application development using official Android IDE from Google, Android Studio with this fast track video tutorials. These tutorials cover everything you need to master Android development from the ground up although the tutorials are made short and simple. These videos cover only those things that a developer really needs to know. Why waste time with unnecessary things.

Android Studio Tutorials In 2 Minutes

Download Android development with Android Studio Tutorials In 2 Minutes

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this is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge If you already know at least the basics of Android, and acquire a deep understanding of Android Intents, allowing you to develop apps faster and more effectively.

Learning Android Intents
  • Understand Android Intents to make application development quicker and easier
  • Categorize and implement various kinds of Intents in your application
  • Perform data manipulation within Android applications
  • Discover data transfer methods in Android Intents along with their optimization and performance comparisons
  • Explore the implementation of Intents while invoking Android Features in an application.
  • Use Intent Filters and their sub-domains in order to perform various actions and sorting categories in Android Intents
  • Catch different events while working with Broadcast Receiver and perform various actions
  • mplement pending Intents and Intent Servic ... Read more to Download »
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