EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 4.3.6

New Features in EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 4.3.6:
  • Enhanced support Windows Vista.
  • Recovers compressed and encrypted files on NTFS volume.
  • Creates a Disk Image file for data recovery.
  • Intelligent search of all possible file systems on a hard drive.
  • Ability to resume the last recovery result.
  • High quality of file recovery.
  • Succinct and user-friendly interface.
  • Recover a specific file by right-click
  • Download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 4.3.6

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    Fake Webcam 4.0.5

    FAke webcam enables you play pre-recorded videos on instant messengers while chatting Fake Webcam can broadcast a single movie to all the messengers at same time. Fake webcam streams and palys videos and movies from your computer on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Paltalk, ICQ, Camfrog, and on all messengers instead of actual Webcam even when you don't have a real webcam. It stream videos and movies on your messenger just like an actual webcam. You don't need to have a webcam for webcamming. You can fool anyone pretending someone you want to be. Your chat mate will never figure out that it's not a real webcam.

    Here are some key features of "Fake Webcam": - Play pre-recorded videos without even having a physical webcam - Have a virtual personality - Keep your privacy by pretending to be some one else

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    Banana Screen Face Recognition Login 1.2.2 Bananascreen Face Recognition Login 1.2.2

    BananaScreen have released face recognition login system for your webcam-enabled Windows computer. To use, just install BananaScreen and create a face model. Then set up BananaScreen to lock after a predefined amount of inactivity (or hit Alt-L to lock at any time). Once locked, BananaScreen will keep an eye on faces coming and going in front of the camera. When it matches yours, it immediately unlocks your computer.

    Now you don't have to remember your password ..your face becomes your password for your desktop computer.Nor you'll have to worry someone login into your Pc and reveal all your private documents and Private photo shoots.

    Download it n make webcam login your desktop computer.

    Download Bananascreen Face Recognition Login 1.2.2

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