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slider dock R3 SliderDock is an application launcher which lets you easily drag and drop icons to access them later by double clicking on them. It´s a unique dock unlike other as you don´t have to chase behind your icons to run an application. Just rotate your mouse wheel and let the icons come to you.It works as a shortcut desktop dock. Features in slider dock R3:
  • Simple drag and drop function to add an icon
  • quickly launch an application
  • use the mouse wheel to let the icons come to you
  • smooth animations during icons rotation
  • Highlight effect around selected icon
  • customizable icons(compatible with objectdock and rocketdock icons)
  • Hide/Unhide application wi ... Read more to Download »
    Category: OS and Transformation | Views: 2210 | Added by: guitarmantra | Date: 2009-06-16 | Comments (0)

    After successful release of Windows Vista, Microsoft just released latest operating system, Windows 7. As everyone experienced, Windows Vista runs slow or even don't work on same old computer. This must be same with the new Windows 7 as this is the latest release. Everyone likes to use new system but many of us can't just throw away old computer and buy new one with more sufficient hardware. For all those who can't use vista or windows 7, we can give our same Windows Xp or Vista, the look of Windows 7.Windows 7 looks very much like Vista.

    We are not going to get our hands on much anticipated Microsoft Windows 7 anytime soon, but we can enjoy the look and feel now on our Windows XP & Vista system's using the "Windows 7 Desktop Theme ... Read more to Download »

    Category: OS and Transformation | Views: 1145 | Added by: guitarmantra | Date: 2009-05-21 | Comments (1)

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