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VMware Fusion v2.0.6.196839 for running Windows application on Mac

VMware Fusion v2.0.6.196839 for running Windows application on Mac

Now Mac computere users can also use windows applications together with Mac application on Mac computers. Vmware Fusion integrates your Windows applications with your Mac easily. Vmware Fusion is the best and most secure way to get Ultimate Windows Experience on Your Mac.

VMware Fusion also provides graphics support for running Windows on Mac including for Aero experience in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also supports advanced 3D graphics gaming.

Using Windows in Mac with help of Vmware Fusion is the simplest that you can use just like Mac applications.

Download VMware Fusion v2.0.6.196839 for running Windows application on Mac

  • VMware Fusion v2.0.6.196839 part 1
  • VMware Fusion v2.0.6.196839 part 2
  • Download VMware Fusion v2.0.6.196839 part 3
  • Download all 3 parts then extract it into single file using HjSplitz.

    VMware Fusion v3.0.0.204229 (run Windows application on Mac)

  • VMware Fusion v3.0.0.204229 (run Windows application on Mac) available here
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    1 freddie waters  
    these files don't seem to work - any other way of getting it working on a mac? or any other sites to download?

    2 KathmanduRocks  
    freddie waters

    Above software works. We have tested it again after you commented. I think you don't know How to join the 3 parts into 1. You need to download Hjspltz and join 3 parts into 1 part. biggrin

    3 guitarmantra  
    Yes freddie waters . Above software works in my Macbook too. Join them into single part using Hjsplitz. Its better you register and then write comment.

    4 freddie waters  
    Glad to hear they work, and I have software to do a joint rip, its just i cant download them (i have now managed to get .001 and .003 from the mirror sites) but .002 always times out. Kathmandu does rock

    5 freddie waters  
    all sorted today, nice one thank you.

    8 KathmanduRocks  
    Happy you have learned how to join the parts.

    6 freddie waters  
    sorry if this all seems really basic - but the keyg#n is a plain text file? how do i use that to get the serial?

    7 KathmanduRocks  
    Register in this site then i can mail you the serial smile
    But its easy to find it in keyg*n. smile

    9 freddie waters  
    Cant register until i get my confirmation e mail, which ive been waiting on - and they keygen file is a lot of - 'PãÖ¿tˇ–Ëï9çE‡âD$«$t?Ë]ˇU‡çE‰âD' etc...so not sure what to do really? could you explain how to get the serial from a text file keygen please. im sure i wont be the only person having this problem in the future so might be useful to have on the blog. cheers

    10 guitarmantra  
    Try to register once again. We don't have any bugs in this site. If you don't get confirmation e mail..be sure you have checked in spam folder or junk folder. smile

    11 Aashish Sinha  
    freddie waters

    Rename keyg*n to keyg*n.dmg

    14 guitarmantra  
    plz do not write anything. angry

    12 freddie waters  
    No e mail coming, junk folder included, and renaming to .dmg not working either. it just fails to mount. i will keep trying to register - but my e mail is freddiewaters@googlemail.com - please could you just send a keygen if you could or expalin how i find it in the text file. cheers

    13 guitarmantra  
    sending an email with key smile

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