De Dana Dan

De Dana Dan is a third sequel to the comedy movie, Hera pheri. De Dana Dan has all powerful elements of humour and entertainment like in Hera Pheri and Phir Hera pheri. However,De Dana Dan has lot of changes as the story of De Dana Dan is little faster.

Nitin (Akshaya Kumar) is a multi purpose servant to sexy Archana Puran Singh who have some sort of dream to marry a beautiful and rich girl falls into love with Anjali (Katrina Kaif). Sunil Shetty ho played character of Ram in this movie have similar dream and falls in love to Manjeet(Sameera Reddy). Both Akshaya and Sunil face some sorts of challanging threat from Katrina and Sameera to do something themselves to marry them. So Akshaya and Sunil Plans a kidnap to earn money. This is how the story starts.

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