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Bing,a new threat for Google search from Microsoft

Google search has been dominating all other search engines since the iintroduction of google search in internet. Many other search engines like Aol search , Altavista and many other including yahoo search ,msn search live search by microsoft were just trying to exist long and trying to be able to beat google.

Recently Microsoft released a new improved search engine, Bing aprt from its previous search engines, msn search and Live search.As per Microsoft claims bing is the new search engine that will offer an improvement in the number of users who actually find answers to their search questions.

Features in Bing

  • The main clear attraction about bing is the new user experince as the homepage is designed with daily changing background image with imformation related to the image itself.
  • Bing also lists related search terms on the left,Unlike at the bottom of the page Google search.
  • Bing also features Webmaster center
  • Users of bing can now create a community
  • Cash back Bing accounts can be created and navigated easily directly from bing's home page
  • Bing has menu at top from which users can navigate easily with all other services of Msn,Windows Live and other Microsofts services.
  • Bing allows keeps a record of recent searches even if the user isn't signed in to a Windows Live account, and allows people to e-mail links from that search history or post them on Facebook.
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