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Cisco Linksys Media Hub NMH405

Linksys, a dividon of Cisco,come up with a new PC in several versions, Media Hub NMH405 which have NAS functionality with RAID SATA storage and a memory card reader, multimedia playback and a colour LCD screen.However the cheapest version of Media Hub, 300 series come without the LCD display or memory card reader and include a ‘bare' model without pre-installed drive.

You can either have Media Hub NMH405 with 500GB storage or 1TB((1,000GB) NHM410 that both comes with Western Digital Green RAID SATA hard drives again with pre installed. You can add 3.5 in drive get maximum capacity up to 2TB in RAID1 (the only available RAID configuration on the Media Hubs, giving you 1TB of ‘mirrored' storage) or full 3TB in unsecure JBOD.

Despite hard drives are not hot swappable, they are very easy in installing and replacing.And the top of NHM405 is a single press button, after which you can just have to slide the plastic drive trays.

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