jQuery 1.4 was released last week through a different site than the official jQuery site. jQuery, the most popular JavaScript framework on the web's new release have lots of changes specially in The code base has been heavily restructured to reduce complexity and increase performance. A substantial number of new methods and two new events: " focusin" and "focusout" have been added now.

With this new releaase, jQuery now passes on 100% of all tests in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3.2, Safari 4, Opera 10.10, and Chrome. Many bugs in previous versions have been fixed. I recommend you to see the documentati ... Read more »

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Internet giant, Google recently announced that the company is thinking about closing which was launched in January 2006 and its offices in china as google detected lots of sophisticated targeted cyber attacks to company's main systems, originating from China. Most of all, access to the GMail accounts of known Chinese human rights activists is known major intentions of hacker's attacks which seems to leads to serious danger to google and other 20 big companies. In most cases, the accounts were also found breaching using malwares and phising scams.

Google had already implemented censoring results for which google ha ... Read more »

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