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Html 5 beta test started in youtube

As we know, specially web designers and developers, w3c is going to release HTML 5 as an update to outdated Html with lots of added features that could make any hacks and plugins useless. Google's video site partner, Youtube has already started using HTML 5 as beta test for an upgrade when w3c will officially release HTML 5. W3C have already asked web browsers developers to implement making new web browsers that can support all new HTML 5 specification and work.

Many popular web browsers like Moxilla, Opera, Google chrome have already started adding Html 5 support but Internet explorer still need to initiate. Opera is ahead of all other browser for supporting Html 5. Moxilla firefox is seriously upgrading faster too. Google Chrome have speed up on HTML 5 support recently. Apple's Safari have also some supports already for Html 5.

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2 FliemiaHalsix   [Entry]
I do think this is a most incredible website for proclaiming great wonders of Our God!

1 guitarmantra   [Entry]
Thanks for information. May be I should also start finding such knowledge base things and provide it here for members. Great helpful.

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