Digital techniques are central to almost all modern telecommunications systems. The third edition of Digital Communications has retained both its comprehensive coverage and its balance between theory, applications and systems implementation. Its main aim is to develop the mathematical theory of signal processing and use this theory to describe modern digital communications.

Digital Communications

This text is geared towards students who already have a technical understanding of electrical engineering from their introductory years at university and who wish to focus on digital communications. It covers everything these students will need to know, including modern techniques. It is also suitable for professional engineers.

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    Drawing Programs: The Theory and Practice of Schematic Functional Programming describes a diagrammatic (schematic) approach to programming. It introduces a sophisticated tool for programmers who would rather work with diagrams than with text. The language is a complete functional language that has evolved into a representation scheme that is unique. The result is a simple coherent description of the process of modelling with the computer.

    Drawing Programs

    The experience of using this tool is introduced gradually with examples, small projects and exercises. The new computational theory behind the tool is interspersed between these practical descriptions so that the reasons for the activity can be understood and the activity, in turn, illustrates some elements of the theory Access to the tool, its source code and a set of examples ... Read more to Download »

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    After Effects Apprentice

    If you're new to After Effects and want to get up to speed quickly, After Effects Apprentice was created just for you. With 11 core lessons plus a fun final project, you'll quickly get into the program and learn how to tap its potential - whether you want to create motion graphics for a network program, your company's video, or your own independent production.

    In this book, you'll get a professional perspective on the most important features a motion graphics artist needs to learn to use this program effectively. You'll learn to creatively edit and combine layers, animate eye-catching titles, replace a screen on a computer monitor, place a studio shot in anew environment, manipulate 3D space, and use effects to generate excitement or enhance the realism of a scene. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions take you through each technique, including projects that ... Read more to Download »

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