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Video2Brain - PHP 5.3 Advanced web application programming

PHP 5.3 Advanced web application programming. Learn the nuts and bolts of advanced web application programming! Join Edward Tanguay as he dives into PHP programming. In his workshop, you will learn that it only takes a few minutes to get an Apache web server, a MySQL database, PHP 5.3, and the Eclipse editor up and running using the free XAMPP installation tool. Edward will then cover the PHP syntax, such as operators, loops and variables, before moving on to make you a PHP expert, tackling object orientation, databases, XML parsing, web services, security and much more. The training also includes important new features of PHP 5.3, such as namespaces, lambdas, and late static binding. Once you complete this video training, you will have the skills you need to build next-generation dynamic websites.


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    In this one-of-a-kind video package, top Web developer and Prentice Hall author Marc Wandschneider shows you exactly how to build reliable, secure, industrial-strength Web applications with PHP and MySQL. You�ll master both PHP and MySQL through 18 comprehensive video lessons, and you�ll have your first PHP/MySQL application running in less than an hour.

    PHP and MySQL LiveLessons

    Wandschneider shows how to set up PHP on Windows and Mac OS X and then builds your skills by walking you through actual application development projects. Just click, watch, and learn efficient ways to implement user account creation, form validation, cookie and session management, file upload/download, and much more.

    Everything�s taught visually, using sample applications ranging from a simple calculator to a full-fledged photo sharing site, and all the sample code is on the DVD. Programming challenges at the end of each lesso ... Read more to Download »

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