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The most popular online chat and phone, Skype which is acquired by Microsoft is now better than ever. Skype setup is the most recent skype version. Install or update Skype with Improved Skype desktop clients for a dynamic new chat experience and enjoy Skype' free IM & video calls.


It is most popular application for internet phone calls, voice chat, video chat and voice calls from computers, tablets and mobile devices via the Internet to other devices. After its acquisition from Microsoft, Windows Live Messenger features were also added to the Skype. Stay in touch with friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free.

Download Skype Offline Installer version (Standalone Installer for Windows PC)

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    Microsoft introduced Windows Live Essentials in 2009 which included Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger Previously) with numbers of other Microsoft's applications. Microsoft came up with second version , Windows Live Essentials 2010 and now third version, Windows Live Essentials 2011. For everyone Who downloaded Windows Live Essentials Web installer also known as Bootstrapper installer faced long time for installation of single component from this package, We have Windows Live Essentials offline standalone Installer which is much better choice of download as it saves time.

    Application components in Windows Live Essentials 2011 :

    • * Microsoft Office Outlook® Connector
    • * Microsoft Office Live Add-in
    • * Microsoft Silverlight 6
    • * Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8117.416
    • * Windows Live Mail
    • * Windows Live Writer
    • * Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • * Windows Live Movie Maker
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