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JDownloader Version 0.9579

JDownloader is open source download accelerator and download manager tool written completely using Java programming. JDownload makes it easier and simpler to download files from internet including One-Click-Hosters and file hosting sites like,hotfile,megashare , etc. not only for users with a premium account but also for free users who don't pay.

It also have features of downloading in multiple paralell streams, automatic captcha recognition. JDownloader can also import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files. It supports almost all sites and "link encryption" sites . It also have a built in unrar plugin for automatical file extraction of rar and zip files. It also have HJsplit plugin which can automatically join splited parts and also split files into parts on your request.

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Digital techniques are central to almost all modern telecommunications systems. The third edition of Digital Communications has retained both its comprehensive coverage and its balance between theory, applications and systems implementation. Its main aim is to develop the mathematical theory of signal processing and use this theory to describe modern digital communications.

Digital Communications

This text is geared towards students who already have a technical understanding of electrical engineering from their introductory years at university and who wish to focus on digital communications. It covers everything these students will need to know, including modern techniques. It is also suitable for professional engineers.

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