Lee Ji-hyeon in La Belle

La Belle is a Korean movie about strange and obsessive relationship.A beautiful model (Lee Ji-hyeon) one day happens to visit the home of a writer (Oh Ji-ho). She finds him intriguing and impulsively seduces him, and he soon falls head over heels for her. However, while the woman is lovely, she’s also mysterious and has a life that she does not wish to share; she often gets calls on her cell phone that draw her away at a moment’s notice, and soon the obsessive and lovelorn reporter is desperate to find out what it is she’s doing — and with whom. Mi In was written and directed by noted actor-turned-filmmaker Yeo Kyun-dong.

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    Noksaek uija Korean Movie

    Noksaek uija is a korean movie directed by Cheol-su Park which have been titled Green Chair in english. It was first relaesed on 10 June 2005 in South Africa. Noksaek uija (Green Chair) is romantic drama based on a modified true story by Jun-han Kim and Chul-soo Park.

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  • Noksaek uija (Green Chair)Korean Movie Part 1
  • Noksaek uija (Green Chair )Korean Movie part 2
  • Noksaek uija (Green Chair )Korean Movie part 3
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