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Blender 2.58 3D suite Stable version released

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.58. This is the second stable release of the Blender 2.5 series, representing the culmination of many years of redesign, development and stabilizing work.

Blender 2.58

We name this version "Stable" not only because it's mostly feature complete, but especially thanks to the 1000s of fixes and feature updates we did since the 2.5 beta versions were published.

The next 6 weeks we will keep working on finishing a couple of left-over 2.5 targets and we expect to get feedback and bug reports from users to handle as well. If all goes well, the 2.59 version then can be the final release of the 2.5 series, with a massive amount of new projects to be added for an exciting cycle of 2.6x versions. Target is to release updates every 2 months this year.

Download Blender 2.58 3D suite Stable version

For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 [32 Bits]
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  • For Mac OS X 10.5+ [32 Bits]
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  • Other additional optional Blender 2.5 downloads

    Regression Files:

    Regression files are .blend examples showing systematically all features we test before doing a release. This is a good reference for bug hunting, but also a valuable demo overview for new users.

    Download Blender 2.5 regression suite (70+ demo files)

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  • Download Blender 2.5 Bullet Physics tests files

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    1 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Blender 2.58 3D suite Stable version released on 23rd June 2011

    2 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Blender 2.58 update log

    The majority of work for 2.58 went into fixes with over 200 bugs fixed since last release but there are also quite a few useful additions worth checking out.

    Prominent features (the cool stuff)
    Warp Modifier:
    This deformation modifier can be used to warp parts of a mesh to a new location in a very flexible way by using 2 objects to select the "from" and "to" regions with options for using a curve falloff, texture and vertex group.
    Render Baking:
    For high polygon models it is now possible to bake multi-resolution models using much less memory than before. There are also new bake modes: specular color, specular intensity, mirror color, mirror intensity, alpha (transparency), emission (glow)

    Empty Images Display:
    Instead of using background images or creating meshes with materials and image texture it's now possible to assign images directly to empty objects to use as reference images. They display in all draw modes and can use object draw options like XRay to draw over other objects.


    Constructive modifiers (like subdivision surface, mirror and other) were supported for sculpting mode. Sculpting could be not very accurate with such modifiers enabled, so there is a new option in the toolbar to disable applying constructive modifiers in the sculpting session.
    Mesh Inset (Addon):
    Mesh inset is a very useful tool with the ability to inset individual faces or a selected region.

    3 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Camera Locking:

    It is now possible to move the camera using normal view port navigation by enabling "Lock Camera" in the "View" panel.
    Improvements to the point density texture, support for tweaking the falloff with a custom curve new falloff types based on the age or velocity of particles - R36399
    New Warp modifier, can be used in a similar way to a Hook but with an adjustable source - R36414
    Added support for sculpting on constructive modifiers - R36485
    Image support for Empty Objects - R36577
    Camera composition guides: center, thirds, golden rule, harmonious triangle - R36590, R36696
    View controls can now apply to the camera view (locked camera view) - r36690
    mousewheel zoom now zooms camera area when the camera is locked and in ortho view - R36783
    Now HDR textures can be used to displace - R36714
    New adjustment layer tracks in the sequencer - R36716
    Additional bake modes: specular color, specular intensity, mirror color, mirror intensity, alpha (transparency), emission (glow) - R36738
    Added option to baked named "Bake From Multires" which is avaliable for normals baking and displacement baking. - R37225
    Support for update callbacks in python-defined RNA properties - R37260
    Compositor math node round second value now changes the step to round by - R37292
    Snap option not to project onto the edit-mesh - #25598, R37591
    Operators which only define a directory are now treated as directory only selectors (no files) - R37552
    Added support for baking object movement to the "Bake Action" operator - 37500
    Added anisotropic filtering in viewport and Game Engine - R37521
    Game Engine: Allow to change the damping of the camera actuator - #27425, R37455
    Quick Explode operator: Sets up a particle system and an explode modifier. - R37431
    Fluid Sim: Enable the possibility to remove the "air bubble" around submerged collision object. This feature is enabled as standard for new files. - R37441
    Added support for tangent bump shading - R37644

    4 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    World starfield generation would hang - #27174, R36349
    General error in coderivative for orthogonal camera. Culprit was new bump failing on orthogonal cameras - #27492, R36987
    Stamp text would not display some lower lines - #27221, R36390
    Renderslot missing - #27285, R36503
    Fix memory leak caused by re-making mipmaps - R36569
    fix for DDS textures in DXT1n format - patch #21590: R36541,R36546
    Support for rendering local view camera has been added back - R36384
    Fixed: Volume Material Density Inaccuracy - #27438, 37227
    Displacement mapping did not do linear interpolation between pixels, causing render artefacts. - #27081, R37342
    Fixed: Scene's render.filepath gets cropped to 159 characters - #27607, 37363
    Fix for: Full Sample AA (FSA) was failing in cases - #27519, R37433
    Fix: bug with bump mapping + reflection texture coordinates + nodes. - #27540, R37453
    Fix: When adding renderlayer nodes in a composite, without having own scene render, the renderlayer nodes were not tagged as changed, causing compositing to give previous result. - #27692, R37669
    Fix: RGB color node supports to set alpha too but never put alpha in the output - #27305, R36598
    Fix: color key hue flipping error (composite node) - #27510, R37051
    Fix: socket connection issue with node groups not working right - #27511, R37054
    Fix: group nodes with a linked datablock that was missing would crash - #27309, R37106
    Fix: Scaling in compositor down to 1 pixel size crashed Gaussian blur. - #27601, R37318
    Fix for compositor round math node not working correctly - R37292
    Node editor: collapsed node did not allow sizing it using the right hand side grab thingamabobs. - #27105, R37409
    GLSL color management + vertex color was not working right - #26697, R36443
    GLSL diffuse/specular was not clamping negative values - #26807, R36444
    Missing 3d view updates when editing GLSL material nodes - #27098, R36439
    Fix: GLSL filter uniform variable not set for group instance. - #27635, R37446
    Fix: reflection texture coordinates + nodes not working right in GLSL - #27703, R37655
    Fix: crash drawing zero length motion paths - R37671
    Crash fix when removing IK constraints - #26920, R36473
    Skeleton Sketching - Unclear UI for converting sketches into bones - #25886, R37006
    Empty proxy did not maintain draw type and size - R36449
    Creating a new UV layer in edit mode failed to copy previous one - #27176, R36350
    When The FONT object is blank, the dimensions are calculated wrong - #27346, R36579
    "Make single user Material+Tex" does not work for textures - #27443, R36822
    Missing Live LSCM Update after Aligning of pinned vertices - #27198, R36376
    Copy Mirrored UV Coords missing the reverse option - #27199, R36379
    UV unwrap was stretching - #27164, R36348
    Create new shapekey on lattice was always adding the mixed shape - #27485, R36906
    adding shape keys now creates shapes from base mesh instead of from the current shape mix - R36692
    Fix for difficulty selecting bones with boneshapes enabled and some bones made un-selectable - #27194, R36367
    Extrude Repeat Mesh does not have options - #27224, R36397
    Translation constraint was broken - #27333, R36806
    Transforming with the center point directly on the view location would fail when constraining the axis - #27057, R36378
    Bezier control points move incorrectly - #27217, R36573
    fcurve/boolean evaluation, values below zero are no longer evaluated to true - R36903
    converting grease pencil now works in the camera view - R36765
    loopcut now follows "Release confirms" user preference - R36491
    Flymode moving the camera or its root-parent is now a preference- #27459, R36824
    Fix: Linked object (camera) should not be able to set position by using camera to view operator - #27557, R37091
    Fix: vertex groups could have duplicate names set - #27554, R37199
    Fix Mirror Shapekey and Mirror vertex Group not working for Lattice. - #27572, R37239
    Fix for incorrect edge slide snapping - R37294
    Fix vertex group copy to selected when some objects had no vertex groups R37302
    Fix P key for setting playback range is clamped to > 0. - #27586, R37315
    Fixed: Box select of mesh object disabled or translated due to curve object - #27615, R37327
    Ending localview was not updating layers correctly - #27136, R37370
    Fix: non-active object in weight paint mode does not free memory. - #27594, R37448
    Fix: Script error for UVs->Copy Mirrored UV coords - #27707, R37685

    5 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Going into sculpt mode could crash - #27271, R36464
    Texture paint face selection mask did not work on multires - #27230, R36432
    face mask selection in texture paint mode was broken since 2.4x - R36440
    Fix: Sculpt data is lost after editing base mesh - #27539, R37087
    Fix Color picker fails with a very small brush - #27559, R37242
    Fix projection painting on float images, added color correction and improved speed. - R37276
    Fix for float projection painting, now updating correctly. - R37276
    Select vertex groups under the cursor in weight paint mode was missing from 2.4x- #27479, R36891
    Fix: the radial control would fail, in sculpt mode, to set size if object-space sizing was enabled - R36975
    Fix: Sculpt and Paint undo steps kept hanging in the sculpt/paint modes. - #27573, R37473
    Crash fix for edge split with certain topologies - #27266, R36455
    Wave modifier falloff was incorrect compared with 2.4x - #27186, R36361
    boolean intersects would give invalid results with no intersection - #27392, R37005
    Armature multimodifier was not working in edit mode - #27480, R36913
    Fix: vertex parenting not working with constructive modifiers. - #27654, R37503
    Fix: particle Instance modifier does not work correctly with Hair Dynamics. - #27461, R37116
    Keyed physics did not work properly if the first key was not the keyed particle system itself - R37430
    Subframes cause dampened particles to behave differently - #27294, R36504
    Fix: crash with point density texture when using particle age/velocity fallof for object vertices - #27241, R37103
    One particle could be generated twice at vertex - #27131, R36701
    Fix: Hair Combing intersects emitter when combed fast - #26939, R37693
    Library System:
    Make Proxy ignored group offset - #26727, R36375, R36456
    Appending armatures with custom bone shapes brings no custom objects into scene.. impossible to edit - #27437, R36810
    Append objects with linked materials disappeared after save when linking in files to an unsaved blend file, make all library paths absolute - #27405, R36735
    Used light groups did not get linked in with materials automatically - #27465, R36914
    Appending could crash with preview enabled - #27158, R36757
    Fix f-curve generator modifier file read missed endian switch - #27541, R37073

    6 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Python Scripting:

    For a comprehensive list of api changes see the api changelog
    Support for adding copies of existing drivers to other animdata blocks via PyAPI/RNA - R36342
    Support for dynamic items in bpy.props.EnumProperty(), the items keyword argument can optionally be a function rather then a list - R36928
    Loading data with, now swaps out the strings in the list to load with the actual datablocks - R36869
    Fix WindowManager.invoke_search_popup() crashes blender and does not work - #27324, R36548
    3 problems: crash and enum "REGION" not found in ('VERTS') - #27035, R36741,R36743
    screenshot operator can now be executed directly, python can screenshot with: bpy.ops.screen.screenshot(filepath="some_image.png") - R36770
    Fixed: Python interactive console incorrect autocompleation - #27495, R37358
    Fix: Python: crash assigning a 'set' to an array - #27681, R37575
    Fix: Python memory leak converting ID Property groups to dictionaries - R37581
    Fix: Memory leaks when creating popup window - #26621, R37589

    7 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Game Engine:
    Crash when physics constraint is defined on non-active objects - #26775, R37026
    Fix for broken embedded game engine viewport when not using letterboxing - R36964
    No material rendered differently in View3D compared to the game engine - #27414, R36723
    fix for Object Color in BGE - patch #27133, R36543
    Python API: PhysicsConstraints ID was cast to an int on 64bit systems - #26753, R36970
    Fix: audaspace not playing files in blenderplayer - #27562, R37110
    Fix: Replace mesh for gfx in "Edit Object" actuator acted illogically + other booleans that are flipped - #27556, R37117
    Python Controller, Clear "Script" when setting Script Controller mode to "Module" - R37427
    Support for anti-aliasing and embedding for blenderplayer on windows - R36470
    Sequencer (Video Editor):
    Crash fix for large M4V - #27353, R36717
    Strobe setting did not work with effect strip - #27422, R36734
    Some settings of adjustment layers were not functional - #27421, R36734
    Sequencer strips.elements was broken when strip was trimmed - R36909
    Fix: effect sequence strips could have negative lengths, crashing with animated opacity #27568, R37172
    Fix: Weird results when animating opacity on (color) strip - #27553, R37090
    Fix sequencer effect transform resulting in overlapping strips - R37299
    Fix: Transforming sequencer effects strips crashes - #27671, 37550
    Fix: Add effect strip ignore channel argument - #27700, R37654

    8 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    2D view panning and zooming is now fully keymappable - #27181, R36643
    Shaded checkbox is not working - #27160, R36465
    Menus disappear particle edit mode wireframe draw - #27257, R36441
    Added missing seed button for halo materials - #27243, R36430
    Text editor "Find" does not locate words - #27319, R36539
    Tooltip text renders incorrectly - #27218, R36463
    *Invalid Path* in all "operator presets" dropdowns - #27148, R36448
    Global Pivot Option was not functional - #27268, R36462
    Manipulator in particle mode does not work - #27142, R36703
    Crash on image editor after loading exr images - #27478, R36895
    Crashes with some high-res image thumbnail generation skip generating thumbs for images over 100mb - #27203, R36433
    StringProperty with sub_type of FILE_PATH not updated correctly from icon - #26618, R36827
    Fix menus getting closed too quick when moving mouse not exactly towards them, noticeable for the vertex groups or material slot utility menus - R36769
    view/camera/set active object as camera sometimes "disabled" in gui (grayed out) - #27193, R36366
    uvedit mesh selection sync did not handle click / shift+click for switching selection modes in the header - #27165, R36436
    uiItemsFullEnumO: operator missing srna - #27304, R36508
    Texture preview fails when path to custom brush icon is set - #26590, R36345
    Fix direction properties not showing the right direction editing widget - R36771
    improved image sequence usability by displaying the requested frame even if it cannot load - R36413
    Image Editor toolbox menu has been removed (was an experiment and not in any other space) - R36435
    Undo history added back, hotkey alt+ctrl+z (alt+apple+z for mac) - R37185
    Popup menus now scroll when they dont fit in the screen - R37185
    Interface DPI now scaled the entire UI - R37185
    Avoid accidentally hideing headers (such as the file menu), when the header takes up the entire space - R37203
    Fix: Manual save kills actual .blend file if disk space is low - #27410, R37098
    Fix: export key configuration gave error when trying to export properties from an unknown (e.g. removed) operator. - #27490, R37075
    Fix: texture node editor header was still showing texture datablock selector even if there is no active texture slot or node, now it's disabled in that case. - #27550, R37078
    Fix: resetting default values on buttons: shortcut key changed from numpad 0 to delete, fix missing undo push - R37043
    Fix for crash opening the file selector twice with multiple windows open - R37232
    Fix keymap items created in python being added with the python operator names instead of the internal names. R37249
    Fix for small button values displaying as zero - R37286, R37289
    Fixed: Operator redo: F6 menu did not work for macros yet - #26886, R37339
    Fixed: Turning off all OpenGL lamps gives strange behavior - #27627, R37373
    Theme color fix for button type "Value slider". On text editing mode, the selected part of the text was invisible. - #27138, R37407
    Fix: Color sliders greater then 1.0 dont show their ratios correctly - #27673, R37543
    Fix: texture space panel was missing for curve & metaballs - #27660, R37592
    Crash when closing new render window with render error message showing in the main window - #27522, R37022

    9 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Fix: light quadratic attenuation exported wrong - #27463, R37454
    Fix: crash on collada import if input_set is missing - #27474, R37658
    Transparency texture import support - R37662
    Fix: instance_node import incorrectly handled - #26821, R37663
    Fix: Collada incorrect names/ids on import - #26912, R37664

    10 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Fix crash with load/save on Mac, on files that close & open a window when loading them - #26728, R36840
    Pasting long text crashes blender (Windows) - #27359, R36645
    Command window was not opening (Windows) - #26981, R36426
    Zoom not working after startup (Windows) - #26938, R36426
    Fix crash when opening in Windows, non-latin char in path - #26715, R36507
    Fixed scrolling lists with the mousewheel for some X11 windowmanagers - R36573
    Various operators were missing with some non-english system languages - #27445, R36912
    Could not import key configuration with systemwide install - #27143, R36460
    Fix: windows uninstaller could remove files unrelated to blender when installing to a folder that already existed. - #27481, R37074
    Fix: Python/Windows issue: "import uuid" results in an error popup - #27666, R37573
    Blender Addons

    11 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Added Quake3 Map export back from blender 2.4x - R1976, R1977, R1978, R1979, R1981
    Added mesh inset tool added - R1934
    Added Paint Palettes: See - R1954
    Misc Changes:
    Fix: PSK/PSA action option - R2047
    Fix: DirectX Export parent/child relationships - R1890
    Fix: STL import in Win 7 64bit - #26895, R1895
    Fix: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file importing incorrectly - #27456, R1960
    Added visual and local copying for object transforms - R1953

    12 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    Fix: Linux network render error - #25387, R2041
    Fix: Netrender Blacklisting slaves - #25888, R2043
    Fix: The Network Renderer renders black images - #26241, R2045
    Add rna callback to server address property so that it correctly checks if the server exists when the value changes. - R2044

    13 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    X3D/VRML Format:
    Fix: Export uses incorrect <group> and <transform> node names - R1888
    Fix: Export of fog is incorrect - #27364, R1933
    Fix: Export would not ensure unique names - R1999
    Fix: Extra line segment added on import - #27697, R2040
    Added export support for writing IndexedTriangleSet meshes rather than IndexedFaceSet - R1984
    Added export option to write normals - R1987
    Added support for exporting parent/child hierarchy - R2001
    Added support for exporting different path modes and optionally copying on export - R2031

    14 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    FBX Format Export:
    Was exporting with 100x scale, use 1.0 instead - R1896
    Write out deformed meshes as parentless since the bones `own` them - R1897
    Do not write a global root object anymore - R1897
    Fix: Writing files with parented empty fails - #27595, R2010

    PLY Format:
    Fix: PLY importer fails with windows line endings - #27369, R1917
    Fix: PLY importer does not support float based vertex colors - #27691, R2049

    Wavefront OBJ Format:
    Fix: Normalmap imports with Color ticked - #27325, R1908
    Fix: Import fails with international characters in path - #27338, R1911
    Fix: Exporter doesn't export bump, spec/ importer wrong shader settings - #27332, R1912
    Fix: Export, export wardiso spec value not used. - #27367, R1945
    Fix: Export regression in 2.5, unable to export curves as edge-list anymore - #27617, R2023

    BVH Motion Capture Format:
    Fix for importing euler rotations - R1927
    Added support to export different rotation orders as well as pose bone native order - R1926

    Povray Render:
    Fixed a bug with Fresnel diffuse shader not working correctly - R1903
    Fixed a bug preventing some scenes to render was due to an indentation error - R1959
    Fixed a minor bug with SSS property - R2003
    Added spacing_multiplier to object photons block so per object photon count tuning is now possible - R1915
    Added instance support - R2002

    15 guitarmantra   [Entry]
    3D Coat Integration:
    Fixed but with inverted normals - R2007
    Fixed the bug when two or more objects doesn't have materials - R2022
    Added ability to multi-select objects and press import button and it will update all selected objects. - R2012

    For full descriptions see commit logs.
    User can disable control and deform rig generation on copy and copy_chain - R1940
    Users can now specify layer names in the metarig armature properties - R2037
    Fixed bug in default human metarig that caused generating to fail - R1990
    Added a 'copy_chain' rig type, useful for bone chains that need their parent-child relationships preserved exactly - R1928
    Added a new spine rig which replaces the old spine rig, and has a super-set of the old spines features - R2034
    Added bend hinting to the arm and leg rigs - R2036
    Add Mesh, 3D Function:
    Changed how wrapping is done to avoid generating unnecessary vertices and make the result more intuitive - R2026
    Added helper functions the results of which can be used in x(u,v), y(u,v), z(u,v) - R2026
    Added ability to close the ends of an U-wrapped surface - R2026
    It's now possible to create multiple objects with one set of formulae properly even when they start with an entirely straight chain - R2026
    Other Changes:
    Windows Quicktime Support Dropped
    For windows it has been decided that we should use FFMPEG for video and to drop quicktime support. This also means some image formats such as GIF and PSD will no longer load.

    Changelog taken from the output of:
    svn log -r36335:37703
    svn log -r1874:2054

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