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Do Knot Disturb Cam Rip

Do Knot Disturbi another comedy movie from director, David Dhawan targetted on all generations of viewers who loves light hearted movie. From promos, Do Knot Disturb has been very popular and people expecting it to be as good as Partner.This time David Dhawan have Govinda, Ritesh Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Susmita Sen and Raj Pal Yadav in the main leading characters of the movie

Govinda is rich person married with Susmita Sen but making extra marital affairs with Lara Dutta. Govinda hires Ritesh Deshmukh because he have to fool his wife since she is thinking the relation of Govinda with Lara Dutta is aq love relation. The film story is quiet simple but shown very humourous way like David Dhawan often does but the true David Dhawan magic is some how not lifted in this movie.

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