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Datalife Engine v8.0 Pro is the latest content management system(CMS) from Datalife engine which has been developed to ease you to create dynamic website or data driven websites easily.

Download Datalife Engine Pro 8

DataLife Engine - CMS is intended for organization of own MASS-MEDIA in the internet. Due to the powerful system of publication, tuning and editing of news, a rendering-engine on a step forward passes ahead the nearest competitors.

And due to the exact and carefully thought out structure of kernel, to taking to a minimum of requirement to the resources of server, a rendering-engine is able with lightness to work with the high-visited projects, not creating here some special loadings on a server.

DataLife Engine is a multi-user news CMS, with unlimited possibilities. ... Read more to Download »

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3D Interactive Gallery is a perfect environment for users,web developers,webmasters and web designers who like to present their photos and art work in a real three dimension space. The 3D intractive gallery thus created enhances users experience.

Snapshot image of 3D intractive xml flash gallery

Features of 3D interactive Gallery XML falsh:

  • Papervision 3d + AS3 .
  • Tweener driven
  • XML driven.
  • Code are well commented.
  • Easy to customize directly from XML .
  • Many variations are available in 3D interactive Gallery.
  • Vista preloader is embedded in 3D interactive Gallery.
  • Download 3D Interactive Gallery XML Flash

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