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Wiley: JavaScript Bible 6th Edition with source codes and CD
JavaScript Bible

Famous publication house, Wiley have yet released newest edition to their vey popular tutorial on JavaScript,JavaScript Bible 6th Edition written with expert instruction by Danny Goodman, Brendan Eich (Foreword by) with Michael Morrison. The 6th Edition of JavaScript Bible also contains lessons on the most latest JavaScript update from Basic JavaScript scripting level to advance programmer's level with clear tutorials on JavaScript, Document object model (DOM) and Ajax. Now you can enhance the interactivity of any web page with today's web standards.

Wiley's JavaScript Bible 6th Edition also comes with a CD ROM containing 10 real world javaScript applications, over 300 ready to use scripts, 23 bonus chapters for the advanced users, A searchable e-version of the book.

Key features in book Wiley's JavaScript Bible 6th Edition

  • JavaScript basics with an updated, standards-intensive tutorial tailored for newcomers
  • Writing scripts for mouse rollover effects and powerful client-side form validation
  • How to master JavaScript and DOM concepts with the exclusive interactive workbench: The Evaluator
  • Apply the latest JavaScript exception handling and custom object techniques
  • Use in Web 2.0 Applications in the form of AJAX and interaction with sites like Google Maps
  • Cross-browser Dynamic HTML applications for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox, and Camino
  • The latest in cross-browser compatibility techniques
  • Deployment strategies that best suit your content goals and target audience
  • Download Wiley's JavaScript Bible 6th Edition with source codes and CD

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    I think this is Wiley's JavaScript Bible 7th Edition

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