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Lingoversity 1.0.4
Lingoversity 1.0.4

With Lingoversity you can easily practice vocabulary and expressions in a foreign language, building a personal custom dictionary according to your own needs. Instead of having an embedded database, Lingoversity lets you download separate glossary files from the developer's website, which enables you to easily adapt the program to the language you want to learn and you current level of proficiency.Besides the glossary lists, Lingoversity includes also a special tab for online dictionaries where you can look up words at any time, and a notes area for your personal annotations. What's more, the program has support for voice, which means you can hear exactly how each word is pronounced and practice it on your own.

Lingoversity features a nice design and has a lot of potential, especially taking into account the possibility to expand the program's functionality by downloading more glossaries. On the downside, it wouldn't hurt to have some starting contents.

built-in access to 2700 online dictionaries
supported translation between 970 language pairs
Google Translate access
full Unicode support for numerous languages
online supported voices (currently for English, Spanish, French and German)
no voice engine needed for using online supported voices
installed SAPI voice support
building personal, searchable glossary
handy workbook for translation projects
glossary lookup and Google Translate assistance for translations
clearly organized collection of notes
built-in podcast player
lyrics viewer and id3 tag display for podcasts
memorizing process with audio support
glossary export and import in xml format
glossary transfer interface for external applications
backup service to prevent data loss
very low memory footprint in idle state
automatic software update and Lingoversity news
uniquely designed GUI
compatible with Windows XP/Vista
Lingoversity is now completely FREE

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