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The Ruins [2008]

Four friends sit by the pool at a Cancun resort. Amy and Stacey, two best friends, are on vacation with their boyfriends Jeff and Eric. When Amy realizes that she lost an earring, a boy Matheas finds it at the bottom of the pool and returns it to her. Grateful, they invite him to share a drink with them, and Hans ends up inviting them to join him and his friend Demitris on a visit to an ancient ruins that his brother and wife are excavating.

When the cousins working the dig don't show up the next morning to pick them up, the six have difficulty finding a taxi to take them to the ruins, and end up paying a local truck driver to take them there. At the edge of the jungle, they find the brother's truck abandoned on a dirt road. Matheas looks confused, but they decide to go ahead & look for the ruins themselves. They wander through the jungle, until they finally come across a clearing, and a high ancient ruin stands before them. While they all stand raptured at this hidden secret, the sound of horses and shouting men suddenly comes from behind them.

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