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Mp3 File Editor plus v5.11 standard version

MP3 File Editor is a complete solution to managing your digital music collection on your hard drive. It is probably the most powerful playlist compiler available. A search tool can be used to find supported audio files in each of your directories. You can then filter files by album, artist or other categories, and drag and drop tracks into a playlist queue. Individual tracks, M3U playlists thus gebnerated may be loaded into the program's built-in audio player. MP3 File Editor integrates with WinAmp and it is compatible with any other audio player.

This program can produce complete and printable lists and export these reports to a spreadsheet, database or even publish them to the Web. The program helps to manage the data that's actually inside an MP3 file. You can view technical details, such as bitrate, length, sample rate, stereo mode and VBR status. You can also use the ID3 tag editor with cddb (freedb) support to tag and rename mp3 files in second. You can use your custom genres and Utilized batch functions to edit tags simultaneously as well as to rename files.

MP3 File Editor comes with some great audio plug-ins. There's a tool to remove tags from MP3 files, and another that will convert your MP3s to the WAVE format. You'll also find a DataMPX for complete mp3 organization.

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