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Miro 2.02

Miro is defined by its developers as "the open-source Internet TV platform". In fact, it aims to bring together a community of broadcasters to create, what it calls, an 'Internet video ecosystem'. But besides all these elaborate definitions, Miro is simply a great application to watch online videos.

The program uses open protocols to let you subscribe to video channels and video blogs that are fed in via RSS, and uses BitTorrent to download the files. You can also watch videos from Youtube and Dailymotion, or use it to subscribe to a Youtube channel you like, for example. The program supports video playlists and can resume playback just where you stopped. You can even watch those videos on a separate window while you keep on browsing Miro's Guide Not only can you browse through the existing channel list, but you can easily add new channels to the sidebar simply by clicking a button to subscribe. There are more than two thousand channels available, and all of them are free

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