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MPlayer 2 for Xp and Linux- The Movie Player plus audio player

MPlayer is the most popular movie player which runs on many systems including Linux, windows,Ubuntu,It is built in support for the most common video and audio formats (see list below), as well as having a powerful filter system for video and audio manipulation.

Unlike the Linux version this port does not yet include a graphical user interface in windows but I'm sure you will soon notice how powerful a command line player can be.Mplayer is not just a video player but it also includes all codecs,encoders and decoders. This is why Mplayer plays all video formats and audios.

MPlayer works best from the command line, but visual feedback for many functions is available from its onscreen status display (OSD), which is also used for displaying subtitles. MPlayer also has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with skin support and several unofficial alternative graphical frontends are available.

New in this preview is the support for VIDIX. VIDIX allows MPlayer to directly use the graphics hardware. While this can give better performance it is also very dangerous because two independent drivers are sharing the same hardware. This may lead to system crashes, halts, bluescreens, hardware damage, data coruption etc. The MPlayer team won't take any responsiblity for such problems. To use the optional VIDIX drivers install the appropriate dhahelper from the drivers directory and start MPlayer with '-vo winvidix'.

  • static mplayer.exe compiled with runtime CPU detection
  • binary codec support
  • networking support
  • support for OGM, Matroska, QuickTime and Real container formats
  • DVD support
  • fast decoding using FFmpeg's libavcodec
  • AAC and Ogg decoding
  • MEncoder supporting FFmpeg, XviD and lame for encoding
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