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Limewire Turbo Accelerator
Limewire Turbo Accelerator

If you are using Limewire then you must have recognize it as the best download solution plus accelerator. This experience increases if you use Limewire pro and it even increases more when you use Limewire Pro with Turbo Accelerator. What if we get Limewire Turbo Accelerator?

Limewire Turbo Accelerator is download accelerator that accelerates download speed even much better than any other exiting downloders, download acelerators. Limewire Turbo Accelerator is enough that you don't have to get Limewire Pro. This is why you should get it.

Limewire Turbo also comes with inbuilt virus protection that scans to check virus or other security threats before saving downloaded files into your hard drive. This means you 'll automatically get double virus check while downloading files from internet.

Limewire Turbo simply is a force download that lets you download files faster saving great deal of time and money.

The functions in Turbo Accelerator is very similar to that of Limewire Basic and Limewire Pro. It also lets yopu share your files on a folder you have selected to share with your friends and others.

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great work, works fine, no bugs

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