C# 2008 Programmer's Referencebook

C# 2008 is Programmer's Reference book from Wrox Publications. Among the wide ranges of programming tutorial book released by Wrox, C# 2008 is one of the most liked book on C# programming. It is written by Wei Meng Lee, one of the reknown programmer in world. This book uses easy to understand key concepts that makes it very useful even for beginners who are new to C# as wel as .Net frameworks.

Wei-Meng Lee who is the writer of this tutorial book is Microsoft MVP, a technologist as well as founder of DEveloper Learning Solution, a company which is specializing trainings on Microsft and apple technologies. C# 2008 Programmer's Reference starts with the introduction of .Netframework and Visual Studio 2008.

The book then kicks off with the basic C# programming lessons with examples and source codes step by step then to ... Read more to Download ยป

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