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Ghost Month (2009) dvdrip
Ghost Month (2009)

A young housekeeper disturbs the ancient customs of the Chinese Ghost Month and accidentally awakens the vengeful spirits of the dead. Writer/Director Danny Draven takes the helm for this supernaturally driven shocker about an unassuming housekeeper drawn into a terrifying world of vengeful apparitions. According to the Chinese calendar, the seventh month of every year marks the time when the restless spirits of the dead break free from the gates of hell to mix among the mortals.

During this time, specific rules must be followed to avoid falling prey to the spirits of the damned. When a solitude-seeking housekeeper arrives at the desert home of a superstitious Chinese woman and her devoutly religious aunt, death senses an opportunity to extend its grip into the mortal realm.

Genre : Horror Tagline : Every Year. They Come. Filesize:703 MB Video Codec:Xvid Video Bitrate:841kb/ps Resolution:688×342 Framerate:29.971fps Audio Codec:MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio Bitrate:48000Hz 128 kb/s Language:English Runtime:01:40:35

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