Hitler is Talegu Movie and not a historical biography on Hitler.

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    Osama-The Movie

    Osama is a compelling parable about female suffering and religious extremism under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Featuring a cast of entirely non-professional actors, Siddiq Barmak's film is about a widow (Zubaida Sahar) who disguises her 12-year-old daughter (Marina Golbahari) as a boy so that at least one family member can earn money. The child however is dispatched to an all-male Taliban training school, where she's named Osama and where her life depends on keeping her true identity disguised.

    From the opening shots, Barmak immerses us in the horrors of everyday life under the Taliban, with burka-clad women who are pr ... Read more to Download »

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    Angelina jolie in Wanted

    Wanted , directed by Timur Bekmambetov is an action movie with lots of thrillers with hollywood actors James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman , Angelina Jolie, Terence Stamp, Thomas Kretschmann, Common , Kristen Hager , Marc Warren , David O'Hara , Konstantin Khabenskiy, Dato Bakhtadze , Chris Pratt , Lorna Scott , Sophiya Haque, Brad Calcaterra.

    Wanted is about a frusted office clerk Wesley Allan Gibson who discovers superhuman killing activities of his father and later work with his father.

    Wesley Allan Gibson is humilated too often from his Boss and even his girl friend. One of boring day, he meets a sexy Fox,clerk Wesley Allan Gibson come to know that his father is a professional criminal and killer,belonged to an ancient organization called Fraternity. He also discovers that his father was killed by one of skilled and powerful Cross, a hit-man that ha ... Read more to Download »

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