WinRAR 3.92 is the most popular and most powerful file archive tool with compression features along with secure password protection of your datas and documents. You can archive anything.

Download WinRAR 3.92 Final 32 bits and 64 bits

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    AMS Beauty Studio is new graphics software for the enhancements of portraits and applying makeup directly on photo. It lets you remove small skin defects and correct it and create expressive look so that they can be used on glossy magazines. It is unique photographers software which lets you apply lipsticks, eye shadows, sharpen eyes and change colour of eyes. It helps in removing wrinkles and freckles too. Yopu can apply face powder and rouge too. Using additional options you can lighten skin or make it look sun-tanned

    Ams Beauty Studio also comes with unique sets of tools for changing shape and size of facial features, as a virtual plastic surgery. It is great software for photographers and amateurs to give a final touch.

    AMS Beauty Studio Features:-

  • Intuitive interface
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    Stripper Academy

    Stripper Academy is a comedy directed by Vincent Foster. Richard Tyson, Katie Cleary, Vincent Foster, Gabriel Pimentel, y Costilla, Julie, Jenna Altshvager, Monique La Barr, Robert Amstler star casted in the movie as characters.

    A night club owner decides to open a Stripper academy where anyone who are interested could join the class to learn the art of strip dance like a professional stripper but the owner has to decide who passed out exams.

    Download Stripper Academy Uncensored (2007) Dvdrip

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