movie The Guitar

"The Guitar" is a story of one woman's spiritual, emotional and creative transformation. One morning, "mouse-burger" Melody "Mel" Wilder is diagnosed with a terminal illness, fired from her thankless job and abandoned by her boyfriend. With nothing left to lose, given two months to live, she spends her entire life's savings renting an empty palatial loft in the Village. Thinking she'll never have to pay the piper, she lives off her credit cards, fills the loft with the fanciest products, sensually engages both the parcel-delivery man and a pizza delivery girl and teaches herself to play the electric guitar she's craved since childhood. These life affirming experiences transform her irrevocably.

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Tomato Cart v1.0

Tomato Cart v1.0 is very good new generation Ecommerce script loaded with premium functionalities and features which other Ecommerce scripts offer only on paid scripts. TomatoCart is a professional and innovative online shopping cart solution with flexible Content Management System. Its RIA based Administration Panel makes it very easy to administrate a small to big online shopping mall easily. It uses light weight frameworks

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  • Username : admin Password : Admin
  • Back End Admin Panel
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    IDM UEstudio v10.00.0.1009

    IDM UEstudio v10.00.0.1009 is new version of popular web development and programming software, IDM UEstudio with all features of UltraEdit with additional support for over 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, PHP, Perl and over 30 others. It is an integrated debugger, integrated VCS version control, built-in class browsing, language intelligence (like Intellisense), project converter, and a batch builder. IDM UEstudio v10.00.0.1009 is a powerful IDE serves as the core foundation of any IDE.

    Powerful project/solution features:
    » Visual Studio 6/05 project to UEStudio project conversion
    » Integrated compiler support (note: compilers not included with IDE)
    » Integrated CVS version control support
    » Integrated SVN support
    » Support for multiple SVN/CVS modules within a project
    » Integrated tag support
    » Powerful projec
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    Elxis CMS is another great Content Management Software which has been inspired by Joomla CMS. Elxis is almost a Joomla clone but with more additional functionality. With Elxis CMS, you can create websites for anything including an online hotel booking system installing an Elxis extension called IOS Reservations. There are lots of Elxis extensions which can be added as per your need.

    Elxis CMS 2009.1 Hecate with IOS reservation

    Elxis already have over 30 languages which helps easily create multi-lingual web sites. It have Integrated blog system,Advanced WYSIWYG editor,sections and categories, Content items rating, many more.

    Download Joomla Clone Elxis CMS 2009.1 Hecate

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