Learning Flex 4

Learn Adobe Flex 4 in a fun and engaging way with this book’s unique, hands-on approach. Using clear examples and step-by-step coaching from two experts, you’ll create four applications that demonstrate fundamental Flex programming concepts.

Throughout the course of this book, you’ll learn how to enhance user interaction with ActionScript, and create and skin a user interface with Flex’s UI components (MXML) and Adobe’s new FXG graphics format. You’ll also be trained to manage dynamic data, connect to a database using server-side script, and deploy applications to both the Web and the desktop.

Learning Flex 4 offers tips and tricks the authors have collected from years of real-world experience, and straightforward explanations of object-oriented programming concepts to help you understand how Flex 4 works.

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SEO For 2010: Search Engine Optimization Secrets

A very well-designed web site is useless if no one can find it on the web. If your company is going to succeed on the web, optimizing your site for search engine visibility is a must. Especially since it is the telephone book of the now, not the future. This book is written by the two most noted and accomplished experts in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and provides you with proven guidelines, cutting-edge techniques, tips, and the how-to's for planning and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy.This is the first book to cover the Bing search engine in-depth. It tackles how to submit your website to the search engines, basic to advanced optimization techniques, learn how to determinetrophy keywords, keyword density, little known tricks and methods pros use, learn how to increase your rankings, and learn from those who starte ... Read more to Download »

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Michael Angelo Batio 2X Again

2 X Again features songs from Michael Angelo Batio's classic "No Boundaries" and "Planet Gemini" CDs remixed and remastered, and with the drums performed by young drum virtuoso Joe Babiak. Also included are various interludes and demos recorded during the "No Boundaries" sessions that are a "must have" for Batio fans. The mix and production of 2 X Again are amazing. Chris Djuricic ("Hands Without Shadows" CD) tracked the drums and mixed the entire CD. James Murphy (ex Testament, Death guitarist) mastered the CD. The cover photo was taken by Stephen Jensen and the CD artwork and graphics were designed by Paul Kuhr.

Tracks on 2X Again (2007) by Michael Angelo Batio

  • Intro: The Forest Primeval (0:21)
  • Rain Forest (6:26)
  • 2 X Again (5:32)
  • No Boundaries Intro (1:15)
  • No Boundaries (3:45) < ... Read more to Download »
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