Windows 8 UX Pack (8UXP) will theme your Windows 7 desktop with Windows 8 User Experience.Windows 8 UX Theme Includes Themes, Wallpaper, Metro App Desktop, Features. If you are still looking for a really good

Windows 8 theme for Windows 7

that even adds the Metro App to Windows 7, you can give this UX Theme a try.If you want the fancy Metro desktop with all those cool Metro apps on Windows 7, you definitely need this theme.


Windows 8 UX Pack 3.5 for Windows 7

What's new in 8UXP v3.5

  • Added ability to offer uninstalling existing UX Pack product if can be uninstalled from Control Panel
  • Corrected logon screen wallpaper items as Developer Preview ones is actually lock screen
  • Replaced ViOrb with Kishan Bagaria's Windows 7 Start Orb Changer including authentic orb from Wi ... Read more to Download »
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