Sinevibes - Fantom Tweakbook 5th Edition Artemiy Pavlov | English | Mar 2012 | PDF | 14MB Sinevibes - Fantom Tweakbook

Sinevibes Tweakbook series is intended for people who want to explore the greatest depths of their Roland synthesizers and maximize their potential

Each book is an immense knowledge resource that covers a wide variety of topics such as synthesis, sampling, effects processing, advanced modulation, post-production, and much beyond. With tons of example patches, helpful introductory tutorials, a dictionary and patch parameter maps, each Tweakbook is as easy to understand to newbies as it is to experienced Roland users

Fantom Tweakbook for Roland Fantom-S, Fantom-X, JUNO-G, JUNO STAGE, and SonicCell synthesizers: includes 62 illustrated articles and 223 example patches.

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