Learning Android written by experts, Marko Gargenta and Masumi Nakamurais will help you master the fundamentals of Android Programming. This book shows experienced object-oriented programmers how to use Android’s basic building blocks to create user interfaces, store data, connect to the network, and more. Learning Android, 2nd Edition now covers building practical android applications such as a Twitter clone application.

Learning Android

  • Become familiar with the Android platform and how it fits into the mobile ecosystem
  • Dive into the Android stack, including its application framework and the APK application package
  • Learn Android’s building blocks: Activities, Intents, Services, Content Providers, and Broadcast Receivers
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Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook is written to ease developers with a little PHP know-how to exploit both basic and advance features of No. e-commerce platform Magento. This book contains huge practical recipes that will help you easily build customized online stores. This book will guide you from simple development in Magento to the more advanced stuff.

This book also features some great resources that will make an experienced Magento developer better and faster in Magento development.

Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook

Download link for Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook

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