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this is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge If you already know at least the basics of Android, and acquire a deep understanding of Android Intents, allowing you to develop apps faster and more effectively.

Learning Android Intents
  • Understand Android Intents to make application development quicker and easier
  • Categorize and implement various kinds of Intents in your application
  • Perform data manipulation within Android applications
  • Discover data transfer methods in Android Intents along with their optimization and performance comparisons
  • Explore the implementation of Intents while invoking Android Features in an application.
  • Use Intent Filters and their sub-domains in order to perform various actions and sorting categories in Android Intents
  • Catch different events while working with Broadcast Receiver and perform various actions
  • mplement pending Intents and Intent Servic ... Read more to Download ยป
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