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Eltima Powered Keylogger

Eltima Powered Keylogger invisibly monitor PC activity, Internet usage, capture Emails and all keystrokes. Powered Keylogger is a driver-based software keylogger that secretly captures keystrokes, mouse clicks and passwords, tracks sent and received emails, monitors Internet activity and logs launched applications.

Powered Keylogger is professional yet very easy-to-use security auditing software for big and small companies, network administrators, concerned parents and PC owners. Its numerous features at a very competitive price make it a perfect tool that monitors all computer activity, Internet usage, keystrokes, passwords (including Windows Logon Password and saved passwords which were never typed), incoming and outgoing e-mails and much more.

Nobody will be able to locate Powered Keylogger in your computer. Its folders do not appear in file search and will not be found by file managing shells. Not only program modules of Powered Keylogger are hidden, but the logs are unrevealed as well.

No need to tell that Powered Keylogger is not visible in Tasks or Processes List, among installed programs, in Start menu (unless you prefer a visible installation), it does not show up in registry or Add/Remove Programs utility.

Powered Keylogger is a software that monitors your PC activity.

Eltima introduces a unique and safe approach to unhide a keylogger – a secret-word, which is chosen by you, so that only you know and can view the logs and configure the features. From the logs viewer you can search through the records stored and go through a slide show of recorded snapshots.

Full-screen view will let you feel as if you were present in front of your PC all the time. You can view the logs from a remote computer – simply specify an e-mail address to automatically send the logs to.

Powered Keylogger supports Unicode and captures not only common keystrokes, but also system keys and combinations, buttons pressed in DOS boxes, Java applications and chat-rooms, PC emulators, etc. Download the trial to see for yourself the features brought to you by Powered Keylogger and reveal all secrets you wanted to know.

Here are some key features of "Powered Keylogger":

  • Automatically save the logs to prepared USB Flash DriveNew!
  • Records absolutely all keystrokes, including system keys and controls on multimedia keyboards
  • Captures all mouse clicks with detailed information (time, date, username, application, window and control on which the click was done)
  • Records all passwords, including Windows Logon Password, saved passwords, passwords to e-mails and websites, etc
  • Monitors Internet activity, websites and web-pages visited
  • Records applications activity showing you which programs were launched
  • Captures all e-mails sent or received on monitored PC, no matter if it is Outlook or any other e-mail client, or the mail is sent using web-interface
  • Records desktop activity (visual surveillance) making snapshots of your desktop at a customizable interval, with automatic disabling taking screenshots based on user inactivity
  • Unique screenshots playback as a slide show or manual advancement in full screen
  • Possibility to stop keylogger and enable it again in some period of time
  • Unique unhiding mechanism - you can choose any secret word to unhide the keylogger
  • Simple installation/uninstallation - suitable for all users
  • View logs for any dates or combine them with our convenient Calendar control
  • Easily view logs from other computers (requires logs viewer installed)
  • Enable/Disable every log individually (do not use those logs that are not necessary for you)
  • Advanced logs filtering system: filter by username, application or windows caption
  • Invisibly sends logs via e-mail
  • Logs can be automatically cleared after being sent
  • Unique kernel-level driver functionality
  • Extremely low system requirements: any computer with Windows 2000/XP will be able to run Powered Keylogger
  • Absolutely invisible, even capable of hiding its own folder on hard drive
  • Each entry in the log is accompanied by detailed information (time, date, username, application, etc)
  • Monitors all users on your PC
  • Easily configurable
  • Automatic startup even before Logon screen

Download Eltima Powered Keylogger

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