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Longhorn Linux

Longhorn Linux is new Linux Os distribution developed by a Project invisioned by Jman6495 and the current team of developers with a UI that looks like Windows Longhorn Vista.

Longhorn Linux also consist flip3D features of Windows Vista and Windows 7. This Longhorn Linux distribution is based totally on Linux as it was built from the core of Ubuntu. Being Linux distribution, Longhorn Linux retains all sleezy looks and feel of Windows Longhorn including the Aero glass like effects. Longhorn Linux also included Windows Vista sidebar.

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    Ylmf OS

    Ylmf OS is new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 9.10 OS with Windows Xp's look developed by Rain Forest Wind Guangdong Computer Technology specially for chinese language consumers who are unwilling to purchase or unable to pay the cost of a legitimate copy of Microsoft's Windows Xp. Ylmf OS is a clone of Windows Xp but based on Linux. Ylmf Os alaso includes included are OpenOffice 3.1, CompizConfig Effects Settings Manager, Firefox and Pidgin for instant messaging with integrated wines.

    Download Ylmf OS Windows Xp looking Linux OS installable Live ISO

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