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Active Desktop Calendar is fully customizable calendar features notes, tasks, alarms, and displays its data on your desktop through blending with existing wallpaper. You can organize your data in layers and share them with other people on a local area network.

The program can integrate with Outlook and show its appointments and tasks on the desktop. If you synchronize your PDA device (Pocket PC, Palm, smartphone) with Outlook then through this connection you also get a synchronization with PDA as a side effect. There are options for changing calendar icons, fonts and colors, marking weekdays of choice and marking dates with notes and/or alarms. You can have a text only version of the calendar and choose between displaying one, two or ... Read more to Download »

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Keyfinder Genuine Windows key Changer

Make your copy of Windows XP 100% Genuine in 2 seconds !!

Genuine Windows key Changer is a tool helping to change your product key with no more cracks needed and replace a genuine working serial key

Follow this Windows trick

1) Either use keyfinder.exe or port_rockxp_v4.exe to change the key to the one in the txt file.

This process has been tested (and has been running without incident) for 3 months now. All validation checks are passed.

P.S: One word of warning; some antivirus programs will detect keyfinder.exe as a malware.
It isn't is this case; it's the program that allows you change your key (something mcft doesn't want you doing).
For those who don't trust that, I've also included rock_xp that allow you change the key too and virus programs
do not detect this a malware.

2) Or you can use the magic regfile so ... Read more to Download »

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